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On Personal effectiveness Transormation Work shop:

“This programm helps me to find out the inner hidden quality within me. I came to know better things through this programme.” R. Govinda Chandra Sahu, Teacher Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa.

“This program would enhance the responsibility and Proactivity of the teachers.” Mr. Gopal Krishna English Teacher Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa.

“This program will make me proactive, responsible, organizewell….” Mrs. M.Girija, Teacher, Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa.

“ it will make a different Techer,different mother, a different wife or rather a different person altogether.” Mr.Anayya Dasgupta, Sciece Teacher Sundergargh Public School , Sundergargh Orissa.

On Teacher’s Orientation program:

“Yes, this programme brought a tremendous positive difference in me. I learnt some innovative methodologies to meet the divorce class room situations.” Mr.Rasmi Ranjan Rout,English Teacher, Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa. 

“Yes. It makes a lot of difference; in my teaching method, behaviour and understand the mind of the child.” Mrs. Kavita Sinha, Hindhi and English Teacher, Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa.

“ In this program, I have learnt that in Teachingmehodology, rather thanpunishement, paraphrasingis more important.”  Mr. Deepak Banik, Maths and Science Teacher, Sundergargh Public School, Sundergargh, Orissa.

“This program made some diffference in me. That is by this program Igot self confidence in myself to teach better.”

TATA Teleservices, Hyderabad:

On Team Building and Leadership:

“ The points brought about in the program are very thought provoking.” Mr.N.Sastry, ASM

“ I find the sessionon leadership qualities to be very interesting.” Mr.Ramesh AB, Channel Manager.

“All the psychometric tests conducted were equally good and I find that they can be applied in my daily routine.” Mr.M. Nagendra, Channel Manager.

“The questionaaire provided to us told us the exact position as to where we stand “  Mr. Eswar verma, Channel Manager.

“I found the subject of resource management to be very good and interesting.” Mr. A Damaodar Battar, Sr. Executive.

On Personal Effectiveness Transformation: ZIZA Organics Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad 21-22 oct 09.

"" In the begining, I asked about "how to cope up with both Professional and Personal Life?" I got information to the fullest satisfaction.... The tam building games and other games were very interesting." Shyam Sunder - RSM, Hyderabad

  " I have attended a couple of programmes earlier. But this programme is very much different and easy to follow.. the opportunity to learn is very high."  B.V.Nagendra Prasad, BDM, Warangal

" I have learnt many aspects of our life: personal and professional. Though I have attended many trainings earler, here I found that most of the ideas and knowledge we got are very practical and can be implemented in our daily activities." Mukerjee -BDM, Hyderabad

" This programme has applications in our professional, personal, financial, social and spiritual dimensions too." Anand Desai-RSM, Hubli

"This excellent workshop was one of its kind, done in a simple language and has given us enough courage and strength to me and all my team members so that we can carry forward our mission." S.R. Prasad RSM, Vijayawada

"Mr.Ramprasad has trained us in a friendly manner and as an elderly brother." Seshu Babu FSO, VIZAG


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