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All about P E T :

The program P E T is one of the most popular programs of Smart Trainers and Consultants. The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that you produce more results with less effort and having more fun and satisfaction in personal and professional life. The workshop promises real break through results, as a result of one's participation and commitment to improve. Through the P E T program you become a totally integrated individual who looks at life differently. The program is a must to all those who look at Personality development to benefit himself and all those he is connected with in the interdependent society. The program is customize for each target audience and the group.

Target Audience :

Students, Staff functional persons, Professionals, (Top or middle level executives, Front line people in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service Executives, Team Leaders in call centers, Operation, Sales or Marketing Managers, Teaching faculty in Schools and Colleges, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Bank Managers and Executives) Political or social leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business men, Parents etc.

Benefits of P E T :

  Learn not to postpone- procrastinate
Become a better listener and learn to use your tone and words in your conversation.
Know what is being done and weather it is affecting your bottom line.
Know to manage your time and set priorities.
Learn to set your goals in life.
Lead a stress free life and look fresh even after 12 hours of work.
Learn to say NO smilingly and do multiple jobs at a time.
Personal Benefits:
  Being awake for a long time doesn't inconvenience you.
You keep your cool even when somebody scolds you.
Keep up commitments either small or big.
Plan and spend your time for self-development.
Become a good communicator.
Manage your time better.
Be a good team player and team leader.
Do exercise regularly.
Lead a stress free life.
Learn to relax while you meditate.
Duration of the work shop :
Module 1: 3 days * 8 hours per day.
Module 2: 2 days * 8 hours per day.
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