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  Smart Corporate Leader
Effective Communication skills

Effective Communicatins skills are required competency in today's work and social environment. Technology has also opened up new modes of communication. Smart Trainers and Consultants have developed and execute several models to help both individual and team members enhance core communication skills and to use technology effectively to communicate. The modules can be tailored to the needs and the levels of the target audience.

Target Audience :

Students, Staff, Customer service executives, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Sales men and Medical Representatives (The art of detailing and retailing), Teaching faculty in Schools, Professional and Engineering colleges, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, all of those who are in the profession of public speaking, Business men, Social workers etc. The program is customized totally for each level, managerial or line functions etc. We specialize in conducting programs for Board members on Advanced Communication methods. We also incorporate email netiquette for those who opt for.

Benefits :

You can assess your communication ability at different levels.
You can assess your learning skills.
You become more confident.
You are not worried about-facing people.
You are able to communicate clearly what you feel without any ambiguity.
You can talk clearly.
You understand the importance of listening, a major part of communication.
You understand the process and types of communication.
You can communicate with brevity on the net.
You know the email netiquette- (Your emails to day play a vital role and it can reach any body on any part of the globe.
The culture and way people communicate in the different parts of the world differ.)
You learn the art of presentations.
You know how to communicate to your customers.
You learn the art of receiving and giving criticisms.
You are able to differentiate between Blaming, Compromise and having a sense of humility.
You learn how communication has evolved and the various barriers to communication.
Your internal circulars send to your customers NOW get the due respect for you and your organization.

Duration of the workshop :

Model 1: 2 days, 8 hours per day.
Model 2: 1 Day, 8 hours per day.

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