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Team Building
Fundamentals of Team Building Program
  • Description

This is a program for learning to be a part of an effective team. The program is an ideal one for beginners who are joining or just joined a corporate team and have to learn team behavior patterns. In addition to being a good team player, it also guides future team leaders to understand team behavior.

  • Training Time
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Duration
  • 2 days

For individuals who are just beginning their corporate work experience, it is important to know the intricacies of working effectively in a team. For those who have just begun their career in a corporate too it is important to know how to be a part of an effective existing team.

The program contents in brief
I. Understanding interpersonal relationships
  • Being Dependent
  • Being Independent
  • Being Interdependent
  • Inter Personal Relationship
  • Developing a win-win mentality for Team's effective functioning.
II. Individual behavior in teams
  • Being Dependent
  • The right behaviour as Individuals, groups and individuals in groups.
  • Understanding Group behaviour
III. All about teams
  • Defining a team
  • Defining team potential
  • Defining effective team's functions.
IV. Team vs. Groups
  • Team's purpose
  • Methods of building a strong team
  • Stages of Team Formation and avoiding Teams' problems. Synergy
  • Valuing the differences
  • Breaking team barriers.
V.Handling Teams' conflicts and conflict resolution
VI. Ten rules of high performance team work.

  • Work shop model
  • Participative and Interactive
  • Games
  • Activities
  • Short films with learning from the film
  • Measurement tests/tools
Trainersí Profile:

The program is led by Mr V. Ramprasad, the President and CEO of Smart Trainers and Consultants, assisted by Mr R. Ravikanth-Psychologist on Panel. Mr V. Ramprasad has a certification from A H L E I in Training and Development of Supervisors and Managers and has a certification from Dale Carnegie Institute in Train the Trainer. He has worked as a GM-Marketing handling a team of more than 200 people.

He is assisted by other faculty Trainers.


For a single corporate that wants to train at least 20 of its new members who are new to corporate world or in case of existing members whose skill sets for team performance need to be upgraded or where existing members of a team need to change into a new team, the program would be customized for the corporate.

Any of these types of employees from multi corporate environs can also be seconded in smaller groups.

Target Audience:

The audience could be all those, who are new to corporate environs, and who need to be trained in fundamentals of Team Building: Anybody who is an existing member in a corporate whose skill sets in Team Building has to be upgraded. Any member of an existing team, who has to join in a new team in the corporate,: the participants can belong to a wide section like, varied departments, sales and marketing team or customer service group etc.

Our advanced modules:(New topics)

Improving Teamís productivity

Program for improving Teamís dynamics.

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