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New Topics:  

A. Transformation for Managerial Effectiveness:
Category: Leadership Development

Training Method:
Class room training

Course duration: 2 days

Brief Description:

Managing people and managing managers are two different aspects. Managing managers and other peoples associated with are the fundamentals of leadership development. This calls for effectiveness and efficiency. The ability to manage others is in understanding managers and their team members. This calls for transformation of the managers to be at a level of excellence. This work shop is for all managers who are winners or those who want to be winners.
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Training overview:

Efficiency effectiveness has to go hand in hand for being successful. To ensure that this happens, a manager has to:

  • Develop a positive attitude and adaptable aptitude.
  • He has to know to master himself first and transform as needed.
  • Raise his bar of excellence to ensure that he always sets examples.

To ensure that this happens, this program makes an efficient manager develop

  • A strong mind
  • A strong body and
  • A powerful character

The program helps a manager excel in self-mastery before trying to master others. Ensures that he uses the right language skills, control his responses and know how to seek the right answers.

The program helps a manager to know the reasons why he has to change his behavior patterns, and develop his Vision and Mission suitable for his job role. The manager develops the knack of leading his team of managers to set appropriate goals for the teams they lead.

After the program they know efficiency in prioritising and how to effectively utilize their time for the benefit of the teams they lead. They are able to organize themselves and their work better.

The managers realize the secret art of winning relationships in their team, setting an example of powerful character, get his team set winnable agreements with their customers, and ensure that the team respects the systems and processes that have been set.

The managers realize their listening potential inherent in them and know how to become better listeners to their peers and mangers and teams they lead. They understand the ground rules for synergizing and use the “ten rules of high performance teamwork”. They ensure that their team “finishes strong”.

The managers realize the importance of stress management and are able to overcome stress and know the art of renewal.

  • Presentations.
  • Discussions.
  • Activities
  • Tests and Games
  • Work sheets
  • Short films with learning from them.
  • The participants undergo a two day lively work shop which helps in self-realization and rediscover themselves.
  • They realize their childhood and other impressions that are buried in their sub conscience which routinely interfere their normal life and professional functions.
  • They develop a positive mental attitude.
  • Are able to set goals for themselves and their team of managers.
  • They are able to organize their and their team’s work and prioritize the right schedule.
  • Rate their listening skills for themselves and understand how others rate them.
  • Develop empathic listening skills.
  • Develop a powerful character, techniques for negotiations, agreements, and know how to set up good systems and processes.
  • Be able to form an effective team and cultivate good team spirit.
  • Understand to manage stress and enjoy life while fulfilling professional obligations.
  • Know how to redefine their perceptions based on introspection.

This program is for those who are already in the line of management and to whom other managers and their teams report.

Trainers Profile:

The program is led by Mr V. Ramprasad, President and CEO of Smart Trainers and Consultants.
Mr V. Ramprasad has been in Sales and marketing for more than 30 years and worked as GM-Marketing. He is a certified Trainer by A H L E I in Training and Development and has a certification in Train the Trainer by Dale Carnegie Institute.

He is assisted by other faculty member s.

Target Audience:

2nd line or 3rd line managers of Sales and Marketing teams in verticals like:

Pharmaceuticals/ FMCG/ Retail/ Customer Care Team Managers Etc.

Also departmental heads to whom, other managers in the department report. Or those departmental managers who have to liaise and get work done from other departmental managers may also attend. These may include those working in various departments in factories or offices.

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