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Benefits for Individual with O - I P R S

How a person behaves in an organizational team is a true reflection of how he behaves in his own family and with himself. O - I P R S studies the behavior pattern of each individual of a team. The sense of belonging to a team, leading a team and being a good team player or other wise, being affectionate to colleagues or expecting them only to show their affection etc; are all a culmination of their childhood experiences, adult learning and their learning drawn from their experiences of the interdependent world. These leave an indelible mark on the person's mind and the tool O - I R P S helps us to fathom the reasons and guide the person accordingly. To an extent of 90% the analyst can say accuracy in the reasons for behavior patterns. These have been proved.

O - I P R S studies your behavior pattern and gives the correct idea to what is your :
1.Exhibited behavior (Expressed) and
2.What are your expectations from others (Wanted).
This is studied under three areas :
> Inclusion
> Control
> Affection.

These three areas studied together through the said number of statements answered by each team member independently in the given time, reveal the two behavior patterns in three areas specified. Hence 2 behavior patterns* 3 areas show the 6 different styles of their behavior patterns.

Normally these are based on their own learning from Child hood experiences, Adult learning and learning from society. The analysis helps each team member to de-learn and re-learn.

Inclusion & Affection behavior patterns reveal how the person adjusts himself in the interdependent world. Control areas show how his leadership qualities or weather he leaves the responsibility on other's shoulders.

All these patterns could have a high score, moderate score or a low score. Each one of these has a different connotation.

In an existing team, the behavior patterns of the team leader and the team members can be studied and this analysis helps your organization to guide the team leader and members of the team. The following are he individual's benefits that they get from the analysis that would be sent to them.

Individual benefits:
How does this study help you?
This is a mirror reflection of how others view you (and you are not aware of it).
You exhibit your own self in how you move when you see a group.
Your Leadership quality levels.
Your dependence on others.
How you share the warmth and affection.
How much you expect others to share their feeling to you.
The analysis makes your self-development easy.
This helps you to get along with team weather in family, society or in your office.
Helps you to develop your leadership qualities. Leadership is practiced and learnt: there are no born leaders.
Makes you a smart team leader and a good team player. Hence you get every one's admiration.
You are warm to others.
Others too maintain their warmth of relationship.
You become a better person and professional and are able to maintain good family relations and official relations.
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