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Health Care Industry
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Health Care Industry

The size of the Indian Health Care industry is US $ 20 billion, with a growth rate of 13%.

The Health care Sector has been growing phenomenally over the past few years in India. Today "Health Tourism" to India from other countries likes the UK; Dubai etc have given a boost to the industry. Health organizations (read as Hospitals) from India have branched out into the other pars of the globe to set up their branches. Emergency Medical Care is being given the thrust and 108 as the Indian Emergency Number is being developed on the US model (119) by Satyam Technologies, Hyderabad.

The health care tourists have gone up from 10,000 to 100,000. This alone has a growth rate of 30%, bringing in $ 2 billion as additional revenue. India's The Indian Health Care Industry is expected to touch US $ 46.4 billion by 2012.



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