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FMCG Industry in India
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FMCG Industry in India

Popularly known as "Fast Moving Consumer Goods", the FMCG industry in India is moving places and has made great strides. According to the AC Nielson India report," Food and Beverage categories post healthy growth rates while toilet soaps, detergents and toothpaste stay in positive territory over the long term". The industry has registered a 4.4% growth in recent times. Certainly the industry has to adopt innovative methods to sustain its double-digit growth. The industry suffers to an extent on he taxation on perishable goods and hopes the Govt. would help the industry in this regard.

By the 20th century the Indian Retail Industry has changed drastically and the recent moves by the Govt. to allow 100% FDI has faced severe opposition from the left front, forcing the Govt. to reconsider its decision. Malls and super stores have now become the life style pattern and it is changing not only the life style but also the landscape. Organized retailing from 6% of the total retailing industry in 1999 has moved up to 20% by 2005.

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