Preparing for the CPA exam is a tough task, especially if you do it without a good CPA course. Although it is the most critical of the CPA requirements, the passing rate of the CPA exam is one of the lowest among all professional exams, and a good CPA course can help you become one of the few who pass the exam on their first attempt.

Several organizations have realized this and as a result have compiled various CPA courses and test programs that assist candidates in preparing for and passing the exam. Some of these courses are self-study courses, in text or interactive form, while others are mainly interactive either through multi-media interaction or interaction with a real human being.

My son took a course that helped him pass the first time he took the exam. His lowest score was on the Audit and Attestation where he scored a 91%. Yes, he did very well and according to him the CPA course he took helped preparing him for success. I will tell you which CPA course my son took, but let’s first discuss why take a review course and what makes a review course a good course.

Why Take a CPA Course?

There is no doubt that a CPA course will give you an upper hand over the rest of the candidates taking the exam. It is statistically proven that those who take a credible CPA course are 90% more likely to pass the CPA exam on their first try. You too want to pass the first time as retaking is not only demanding on your time and life, but also mentally draining and very expensive.

CPA review courses are extremely effective because they are offered in various modes of learning. You can therefore select a mode that fits your learning preference the best. For example, if you want one on one interaction, you can sign up for a local review course taught by a real human being.

Good CPA courses incorporate real questions from previous exams, as well as anticipated questions based on more recent developments in the industry. The creators of the course put a targeted emphasis on areas that are most important and are highly likely to be covered in the Prometric CPA exam.

What I like best about these courses is that all answers to all questions and problems are reviewed after each chapter and lesson to ensure students fully understand the material. Real people with accounting backgrounds teach the live interactive courses which are typically held in college / university like settings. The real people are typically faculty / accounting professors.

In summary, the best CPA review courses are compiled with one and only one goal; to enable the candidate to pass the CPA exam with flying colors on their first attempt and go earn that big CPA salary.

Which is the Best CPA Course?

There are three big names that offer CPA review courses. Of the three, I will tell you the course my son decided to go with. He researched each of the courses and determined this course would give him the best chance of succeeding.

During his internship he met two colleagues who had taken the Becker Conviser CPA review course and failed. Later that summer, he met another intern who had taken the Gleim CPA review course and failed, but later took another course and passed the second time around.

When I looked into these courses myself, the biggest differentiating factor I found in the third course was its ability to provide the level of personal service that they do. Unfortunately, this personal touch is often forgotten by some companies like Becker and Gleim as they grow larger over time.

I called the company and personally spoke with their founder. I was impressed not only because I was able to talk directly to the founder, but more so by what he told me about the company. This company not only ensures that you pass the CPA exam, but also that you understand the material covered in the exam. Anyone can pass an exam by memorizing gibberish, but programs like this one ensure that you thoroughly learn what you must in the accounting field and fully prepare you for the CPA exam requirements.

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